What is DAVY ?

Distribution and Navigation System

DAVY is an application to optimize the working process of retail businesses and help them to improve their sales decision making process and increase sales faster and better. DAVY can provide analytical information report like activity reps monitoring, sales and inventory tracking, market intelligence to anticipate the competitor activities and outlet data management in easily, quickly and precisely

DAVY is available either on android mobile platform or web browser (user with unsupported device)

Availability of access rights management in DAVY features can differentiate or limit the usage of existing features from one user to another user (still integrated each other). DAVY system also provides information either in analyzed data form reports or raw data based on client/market needs in real-time.



GPS Feature | System Time & Date | Assigned Outlet

Promoters, Retail Account Execution, Retail Account Manager, Project Manager
GPS Tracking, Authentic Photo


To Capture All Sell-in Data Details in Outlet

Products, Stores, Sales, Territory
To capture all order data product from transaction stores/outlet


To Capture All Sell-out Data Details in Outlet

Products, Stores, Sales, Territory, Authentic Photo
To Recap all Selling product from store


To Capture All VMs & Market Intelligence Data in Outlet

POSM, POE, Competitor Activities, Market Insights, Authentic Photo, Macking Stock, Tracking POSM Condition, Get More Information Competition

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